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Camberley Spiritualist Church is an Affiliated Body. To help protect our community and congregation, we have taken the difficult decision to close the church. Updates will be available on the door, our facebook page search CamberleySpiritualistChurch and here on our website. Spiritualism is not only a philosophy, science and religion. It is a way of life. We welcome all who come seeking knowledge, help and comfort; all we ask is an open mind. Our busy church offers a variety of events and activities from Spiritual Healing, to Wedding Services, Mediumship evenings to Funeral Services.

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Background Most of the various forms of psychic phenomena associated with the Spiritualist movement are as old as man himself. Throughout the ages human beings have been aware of the existence of discarnate beings. In early days, when man lived close to nature, ancestor-worship became a form of religion; primitive man had no doubt that his ancestors had survived death and that they had powers to affect the living for good or ill. Therefore due reverence was shown to them in order to incur favour.

The wise men of the tribe, who were possessed of psychic powers, the equivalent of modern mediums, would testify to the presence of the spirits and forms of communication were established with them.

that many ancient sites were indeed connected by leys and leylines and also that a date could be placed on ancient sites and other buildings by dowsing them​.

The Spiritualists’ National Union SNU is a Spiritualist organisation, founded in the United Kingdom in , and is one of the largest spiritualist groups in the world. Its motto is Light, Nature, Truth. Over its history, it has organised test cases regarding the legal status of spiritualist mediums, with regard to such matters as exemption from compulsory military National service. In legal terms, spiritualist mediums were considered to violate such laws as the Vagrancy Act , which outlawed fortune telling , and the Witchcraft Act The Union campaigned against these laws for many years.

This act was repealed in April , and fraudulent mediums are now covered by consumer protection legislation, namely The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations It has also performed more everyday services, such as organising war memorial services in the wake of the First World War.

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Spiritualism is the belief that the living can communicate with the dead. The belief in a spirit world and the living’s ability to correspond with the spiritual realm probably dates to antiquity. Spirit contact is facilitated when an individual is on his or her deathbed.

Our Head Chef has created first class lunch and a la carte menus that offer contemporary cuisine, beautifully made and artfully presented, all at.

Illustrations by Xia Gordon. By Sarah Gerard. It was August of last year, and I was driving north through the Florida swamp to the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, also known as the psychic capital of the world. I had flown from New York City to Orlando and rented a car at the airport. It was midafternoon and so, as usual, raining, though the sun was still spilling through live oaks. The air was thick, the roadside draped with sagging Spanish moss. I was going to commune with the dead. It was sunflower season back home, and I had taken the proliferation of this symbol of Spiritualism in my New Jersey neighborhood as a sign that I should make this long-anticipated trip.

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Visitors of all faiths have made trips to Camp Chesterfield for tours, contemplation, readings, and classes. Regardless of your interests, Camp Chesterfield is definitely worth a trip to see this unique center of Hoosier history! Spiritualism grew slowly at first, gaining adherents both nationally and locally, before expanding rapidly in the years after the American Civil War.

Spiritualism is not only a philosophy, science and religion. It is a way Camberley Spiritualist Church is an Affiliated Body Car Park on site.

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Independently owned and designed, The Spiritualist is a far step away from anything ordinary. For a curious mind, the thrill of something new is a sensation that never grows old. In a world where true revelations are becoming increasingly rare, discovering The Spiritualist for the first time, and experiencing it afresh each time you return, is akin to those moments of extraordinary clarity wherein a door opens and you step into a fascinating world.

The Spiritualist Aberdeen combines the craft of the classic with the innovation of the contemporary to create a drinks list that is in equal parts creative, experiential, experimental and whimsical. Contemporary, fresh, locally sourced, seasonal and expertly crafted are the hallmarks of a menu designed to showcase the best of Scottish. The ultimate treat for any occasion is a sumptuous private room at The Spiritualist.

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On this page you will find details of our regular services as well as all of our pre-bookable upcoming events. If you have any queries or questions about any of our events, please feel free to get in touch by visiting our Contact Us page. Please see our Calendar of Events below for details of this month’s dates.

Thursday: pm – pm. All are welcome at our Healing Sessions. MK II – In recent weeks, we have announced the resumal of Thursday Healing groups and, as of today, a return to our Sunday divine services. It is of utmost importance that anyone visiting the Church first familiarises themselves with the following Compliance Policy, which has been put together in accordance with legal guidelines, and for the safety and wellbeing of all.

As we have a duty of care, to both our congregation and also the committee who serve you, we request that, in order to ensure the safety of everyone, should you or any in your household feel in any way unwell, exhibit symptoms of COVID or even a cold, please refrain from visiting our Church until such time as you feel better. Please also do not attend the Church if you are self-isolating, shielding or quarantining in any way, even if you do not personally feel unwell.

As of Saturday 8th August , it is now required by law that visitors wear a mask or face covering when attending our Church. To quote the respective legislation which is legally enforceable and not merely advisory :. You are expected to wear a face covering before entering and must keep it on until you leave unless there is a reasonable excuse for removing it.

Look behind the doors of the secret spiritualist religion that is thriving in Hull

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Do you believe that a long-lasting relationship can work between two people with different belief systems? Should you have belief values in common in order to have compatibility?

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Hull Live went to investigate more about this hidden religion that is captivating the people of Hull. Dating from the midth century, spiritualism was created amid controversy and speculation but it continues to thrive some years later. Spiritualism is based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. Healing also forms an important part of the religion with healers using the forces and energies of the spirits either through laying hands on the body or through the power of thought.

Arriving in Folkestone Street on a cold, dark February night, we were faced with what we thought was the church. At first we decided it could not be down there but we had a look and right down the bottom we saw signs for the Hull Spiritualist Centre. A couple of minutes later we were let in to the building and the contrast to the gloomy alleyway could not be more striking. Adorned with butterfly decorations and a tree of life, the feeling inside was one of positivity and calm.

But they turned out to be a really friendly group and switched on to the criticism and scepticism. Christian churches often cannot provide them with those answers. They can just walk in off the street if they like. The wording of these principles may sound a bit grand and even dogmatic but they are ultimately based on commonsense and benevolence. We also have to keep records of the healing we carry out. There was probably only about a dozen people there last Sunday but cold winter nights can reduce numbers.

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